Photo Tours and Workshops

Suzi leads photographic tours for small groups of 8-10 people, offering some of the world's best photo opportunities in wonderful locations.

Tours are comfortable, fun, educational and suitable for all levels of photographic experience. Tour itineraries are uniquely designed to maximize the photographic potential of the location and animal subject. 

Suzi now also offers private, one on one photography workshops and digital workflow instruction.


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2016 Schedule



Custom Photo Tours in Monterey Bay

Dates: Year-round, custom dates available

Location: Monterey Bay, CA

Suzi teaches all levels of nature photography, from absolute beginner to serious advanced, in the Monterey Bay area. Here, Suzi’s extensive knowledge of local wildlife populations yields rare opportunities for world-class photography of sea otters, seals and sea lions and a variety of gorgeous birds. These are one-day courses, including lunch, for one or two people. Click here for more information


Orangutans & Komodo Dragons

Dates: Oct. 13- 27, 2016 (full)

Location: Indonesia

Travel to Borneo and Bail to the best places in the world to photograph orangutans and komodo dragons up close. We'll have special permission to photograph behind the scenes at the world's most famous orangutan orphanage and rehab center. We’ll also photograph orangutans living wild in the forest, proboscis monkeys along the river, cruise islands for komodo dragons, and visit the temple monkeys of Bali. Click here to be added to the waitlist,


FREE Workshop for Teen Girls

Dates: November 6, 2016

Location: Moss Landing, CA

A free one-day wildlife photography workshop for girls, age 13-18. This is part of Suzi's new initiative to encourage more girls to enter the male-dominated field of wildlife photography. The day includes photo lessons by Suzi in a classroom setting, as well as lessons in the field, including a boat ride where the girls will have the opportunity to photograph sea otters, seals, and many gorgeous birds. Interested students must apply.Click here for more information,


2017 Schedule



Pandas of China

Dates: March 26 - April 5, 2017 (2 spaces available)

Location: China

Visit three different panda centers to photograph pandas up close, maximizing opportunities for a variety of pandas in different settings. Working with special panda guide, Katherine Feng, we'll have four private photography sessions with pandas in special locations in natural settings (more than any other photo tour offers). We'll also photograph red pandas, and a traditional Chinese face changing show. Click here for more info.


Humpack Whales Underwater


Departure 1: August 3 -12, 2017 (full)

Departure 2: August 12 -20, 2017 (full)

Location: Tonga

Photograph humpback whales and their calves underwater in a tropical paradise. Snorkel with these gentle giants in one of the best wildlife experiences on the planet. We'll have our own private charter boat for our very small group (only three participants only this very special tour). Click here to be added to the waitlist,


African Big Cats

Dates: November 1 -14, 2017 (2 spaces available)

Location: S. Africa and Namibia

Photograph leopards, lions and cheetahs. We'll use private concessions and also have special, behind the scenes access to the Cheetah Conservation Fund. In addition to big cats, we'll also photograph classic African plains wildlife, such as elephants, rhinos, giraffes, zebras, hippos, hyenas, and much more. Click here for more info..